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Investor Profile and Asset Allocation Calculator
Current Asset Allocation

Use this tool to establish an investor profile and compare an investor's current asset allocation against a model portfolio suitable for that profile.

Investor Profile and Asset Allocation Calculator Results

Investor Profile and Sample Asset Allocation

Your asset allocation is an important factor that affects your portfolio's returns and investor profile.

Based on your investment horizon, risk tolerance, investment experience, and economic outlook, your unique circumstances match up closely with the growth investor profile.

Chart 1 shows a sample asset allocation for that profile, while Chart 2 illustrates your current asset allocation.

To make your asset allocation match the model above, you should adjust your current allocation as follows:

Cash -6%

Bonds +14%

Large-cap Stocks -19%

Small/Midcap Stocks +3%

Foreign Stocks +9%


  • The investor profile and sample asset allocation displayed are based on the answers to a limited number of questions. Personal issues which fall outside the scope of this calculator may suggest a different investor profile and asset allocation.
  • Please keep in mind that the model portfolios are for illustration only and are not intended as specific recommendations. A financial professional can help.
  • Your personal circumstances may change over time so it may be appropriate for you to re-evaluate your asset allocation strategy.
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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck.